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Who is Jason Knox

My adventure into professional photography began in college while studying biology, a subject I always excelled at. However, throughout the years I began to realize that biology simply did not fulfill my needs for creativity, and adventure. Upon realizing this I took a hiatus to find myself. During my hiatus I noticed the thousands of photos, drawing, and paintings done in my free time, which made me realize that art truly made me happy. Furthermore, I concluded that throughout my life I have always had a camera in hand, I was always the kid taking pictures. Growing up I was the one on trips who would rather be behind the camera than in front of it. The idea of creating something beautiful is what makes me truly happy, and will be my driving force.

See my biggest hits, here


My Work

As a photographer, I always jump at any opportunity to take a picture. But I have focused more time in some areas over others, such as anything nature related, portraits and travel photography. However, I am always willing to try something new.



For me, photography is a way of life, a passion, so I do not work with a client with the sole intention of making as much money as possible. 

I charge NO session fee nor do I require a minimum order. My system is quite simple, buy it only if you (the Client) love it. 

Standard prints begin at $10 

Personal Nature Photography 

My personal wildlife, plant, and landscape photography are always for sale.

Standard prints also begin at $10

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